Mandy & Molly: Discontinued

Molly and Mandy are sisters who move into a house together to experience living on their own. Molly hopes to break her younger sister free from her sheltered existence. Mandy hopes that starting a new life will give her another chance to control her unusual powers.

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As the smartest boy in school and a prodigy, everyone expects Ian to be a high achiever--—a future Nobel Prize winning genius. But he doesn't want to be the next Einstein. He just wants to be a makeup artist.

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Nakita is a talented, dedicated fashion designer. Hayden has no talent at all, for except his wealth and attractiveness. But they've managed to overcome their differences and become a couple. At least, that's the way things seem...

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Michelle is a high school girl who often suffers from periods of depression. Her depression keeps her from being able to work on "Wings," a novel she's attempting to write. As she struggles with writing, Michelle finds out that she has wings of her own that can take her to dangerous heights.

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