New Privacy Agreement & End of Email List Subscriptions

Monday, May 28, 2018
I'm sure you already know about the whole thing that's going on with GDPR. These changes not only apply to huge companies, but they also apply to small bloggers such as myself.

I do think that information needs to be used more responsibly, and with that in mind, not only have I written up a GDPR compliant privacy policy for this blog, but I've also made some major changes to the way this blog works.

You can read my privacy and disclosure policy here. I added a section about being an Amazon Affiliate as well. Although I signed up to be an Amazon Affiliate awhile ago, I've only started learning how to use it recently, and I'm yet to write a blog post with an affiliate link, but it's information that you should know.

Other Changes

Cookie Notice

Now there is a notification to let you know that my site uses cookies. Pretty much all blogs do. By continuing to use my blog, you show that you accept the use of these cookies. My site uses cookies from two sources: Google (since this is a Blogger blog) and One Signal. This is explained more in-depth in my privacy policy.

No More Email List

This was a tough call for me. The number one piece of advice for bloggers is that you must have an email list. Without an email list, you will go down in a blazing fire of failure.

Okay, I'm not sure if that's true, but the blogging gurus out there sure makes it seem that way. I can see why having an email list in principle is good, but for me the biggest problem I have with email lists is their discrepancy with reality.

I rarely read emails from sites that I have subscribed to. There's only one site I subscribe to that stands out and the rest just get buried. Even the ones that promise to be the best email list ever, and if you don't know how to make a good email list they'll show you how to do it,  I stop reading after the first two or three emails.

The main way I keep up with sites that are interesting to me is by web-clipping them to a link list I keep in Workflowy. Basically, I just bookmark what I like and return to them when I feel like it.

Wondering if it was just me with the jaded attitude towards email, I asked my husband how he kept up with sites he enjoyed. His answer, "Bookmarks." I asked him if he followed any of those sites by email. His answer was "No." There's only one guy who he follows by email, and he hasn't visited that guy's website in years. So although some bloggers boast about the thousands of followers they have on their email list, I still wonder if that's a true reflection of how people interact with websites they enjoy. I regularly read Introvert Dear, but am I on their email list? Nope. I use a bookmark.

Other issues with email lists: Asking others for their email address can be a security risk because a person can be identified with it. Also there's the whole issue of what to send to your list.

So I've decided to let go of my email list. If you are a person who wants regular notifications, you can allow my site to send web push notifications to you by clicking on the bell icon in the lower right hand corner. There's no having to enter your personal information, just click Allow and you're set. If you use an ad blocker on my site, you may not see this feature.

Web push notifications are similar to phone notifications. They are sent when I update my blog with a new post. Plus they are super easy to unsubscribe from. Just click the bell icon and select unsubscribe, and it'll take you to where you can remove my site from your browser notifications.

Cookies from One Signal are used to make this work, but I do not receive any information that I could use to identify you, not even an IP address. And of course, you can keep up with me on Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and by bookmarking my blog. Facebook pages isn't the best way to keep up with me because I don't pay to have my posts boosted to all who follow it.

For those who currently follow my blog by email, I will be permanently deleting your information Friday of this week.


Your connection to this blog is now secure via HTTPS. That means that information shared between this blog and you is encrypted.

Contact Me

I changed this to a link that will open your email client with my email address already entered. Although the Google Forms I used was secure, this is even more secure because I'm not saving email addresses and names in a Google spreadsheet. The data collected from the old Contact Me has already been deleted.

I'm really happy at how secure and streamlined my blog is now that I've made these changes.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!


  1. Thanks for giving this update/explanation. I like the "bell" notifications over email as, like you said, they can get buried. Thanks again!