A Simple Strategy for Getting Over Writer's Block

Friday, November 1, 2019
When facing a serious problem with your writing project, do you become obsessed with it? Do you try to adjust this and that, and yet nothing feels right? If you're stuck with writer's block long enough, you can end up feeling that your writing project is "unfix-able."

I have so been there more times than I would like, especially over the past few years. So here is my simple strategy for dealing with writer's block:

My main way of dealing with confusing writing problems is journaling about them. I open my journal and write, "Right now things aren't going well with my writing project. The problem is… What drives me crazy about it is… What I want is… What I think about this is…"

When I journal about my writer's block, I illuminate possible solutions. Solutions often come to me while I'm still writing. Even if I write, "I'm not sure what's wrong with this story, but this about it bothers me…" I find some kind of answer.

If a solution doesn't come while I'm writing, I leave my feelings in the journal and do something else. Something unrelated to writing. You know those moments when you're hit with a bright, new idea?  What are you doing when those happen? Are you often taking a walk or showering? Do that instead of writing.

With this method, I find a new insight within a day or so. Once in a while, it takes many sessions of complaining in my journal to iron out a knotty writing problem. But, each session illuminates new solutions.

So when facing writer's block, write about it! Scribble in some pages of your journal. My Writer's Block notebook is designed for expressing your writing issues. It's also helpful to take the extra step and discuss what you wrote with a writer friend.

Do you have any tips for dealing with writer's block? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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