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Download Minimal Planner Printables: Self-care Version

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Other Planning & Notebook Projects


The Comic Draft Planner

The Comic Draft Planner is a notebook designed for drafting comics. This book can handle pencil and light ink. It’s not suitable for markers, heavy inking, watercolors, etc.

The purpose of this book is to help comic makers keep loose sketches of their pages in progress and script information in one place. This is also great if you’re collaborating. The writer can write the script and then pass this book on to an artist to mock up the page. It also allows both writer and artist to keep up with the progress of a page.

You can plan up to 64 comic pages in this notebook.

This works by using two types of pages: a Project page and a Script page.

The Project page is where you can sketch a rough draft of a comic page and note its status. Across from the Project page is the Script page. The Script page is where you can write the script for the corresponding comic page.

There are a few ways to use this page for writing. You could write the script directly on the page. There is also the option of printing out the script for that one page, attaching it to the Script page with a paper clip or glue, and then using the Script page for extra notes.

Get creative with how you use the Script page to work out the text portion of your comic.
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A Daily Writer's Log

The Daily Writing Log is designed to help writers track their daily progress on writing projects. It's perfect for the beginner novelist who is trying to form a writing habit or survive Nanowrimo. It's also designed for seasoned writers who desire to keep track of their word counts and progress for multiple projects.

It includes pages to track word count, session times, and the status of writing projects. This book can be used for a single writing project or multiple projects. Each log page features inspirational sayings to encourage daily writing. Plus, at the start of the book are sections for goal setting and making sure that your writing environment works for you.

Is writer's block keeping you from writing every day?

The second half of the book has 30 pages designed for pouring out your thoughts about where you are stuck, helping you to sort through knotty writing problems mentally so you can keep writing daily.

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Midnight Edition (Amazon)
 The Writer's Block Journal

The Writer’s Block Journal is designed to help fiction writers work through writer’s block in an intuitive way.

Feeling Stuck? Let it all out!

This journal features pages where you can write about what's going wrong with your story and how you feel about it. Even if you write, “I don’t know what’s wrong with my story, it just doesn’t feel right,” that’s okay. The point is to freely let out your frustration and describe it. Write without stopping.

Give yourself permission to wander.

After venting about what's going wrong, this journal encourages you to take a break from writing and mentally wander in whatever way that's right for you.


Good things come from a wandering mind. If new solutions hit you while taking a break, there is space in this journal to record your new thoughts and work with them. There are also questions included that encourage you to think about your story in a different way.

Try Again

It may take multiple tries to solve a story problem, and that’s okay. The Writer's Block Journal is designed in a way that if your solutions are not working, you can turn to the next page and rant about the same problem again. You may find that the more you write about the problem, the more specific you become about what you need to fix. It’s all part of the process.

All of Your Writing Solutions in One Place

As you fix your own writing problems, you will eventually have a book full of writing solutions that you discovered on your own. How awesome is that?
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